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Frost Protection Kit Technical Information

September 1, 2016 Adam


Frost Protection Kit Cable
Power supply230 VAC
Power (@+10°C)12 W/m
Min. fuse (type C)10 A
Max. exposure temperature (energised)65°C
Max. exposure temperature (de-energised)65°C
Outer jacketModified Polyolefin
Cold lead length2m
Min. bend radius25mm
IP ratingIP 67
Min. installation temperature-30°C
Min. switch on temperature-30°C

Power Output Curve

The characteristic feature of the heating tape used in trace heating cable is that they are self-limiting. This means that the heating cable emits a high heating power with low ambient temperatures and a low heating power with high ambient temperatures. Thus an overheating of the heating tape is eliminated. The trace heating cable has a standard power of 12W/m. The standard power is measured at +10°C.

Frost Protection Kit Power Curve Output

Heatloss Tables

Heat losses occur if the ambient temperature around the pipe is lower than the temperature of the pipe. Though a permanent heat transmission takes place (from warm to cold) which may lead to the freezing of the pipe in the worst case.

The trace heating cable are suitable for keeping insulated pipes frost-free at an ambient temperature of lower than -30°C. The following tables are intended to make it easier for you to choose the right insulation thickness. The heating losses shown in these tables were established for an ambient temperature of -20°C.

Please install the heating cables only alongside the pipe. In case the power of the heating cable is not sufficient to offset the heatloss, we kindly ask you to increase the number of insulation layers or thickness.

Please pay attention to the fact that the shown values are approximate values only and are intended as a selection help only. The insulation values are average values only which may differ with different suppliers/manufacturers. The measuring unit for the heat loss is W/m.

Armaflex Insulation (0.042W/m K)

Armaflex Insulation

Pipe Ø5mm Thickness10mm Thickness15mm Thickness20mm Thickness30mm Thickness
6mm8 W/m6 W/m5 W/m4 W/m3 W/m
8mm10 W/m6 W/m5 W/m4 W/m4 W/m
10mm11 W/m7 W/m6 W/m5 W/m4 W/m
15mm15 W/m8 W/m7 W/m6 W/m5 W/m
22mm21 W/m10 W/m8 W/m7 W/m5 W/m
28mm26 W/m12 W/m9 W/m8 W/m6 W/m
35mm32 W/m14 W/m10 W/m9 W/m7 W/m
42mm37 W/m16 W/m12 W/m10 W/m7 W/m
54mm47 W/m19 W/m14 W/m11 W/m8 W/m

PU Foam Insulation (0.025W/m K)

PU Foam Insulation

Pipe Ø5mm Thickness10mm Thickness15mm Thickness20mm Thickness30mm Thickness
6mm5 W/m4 W/m3 W/m3 W/m2 W/m
8mm6 W/m4 W/m3 W/m3 W/m2 W/m
10mm7 W/m5 W/m4 W/m3 W/m3 W/m
15mm9 W/m6 W/m4 W/m4 W/m3 W/m
22mm13 W/m7 W/m5 W/m4 W/m4 W/m
28mm15 W/m8 W/m6 W/m5 W/m4 W/m
35mm19 W/m10 W/m7 W/m6 W/m4 W/m
42mm22 W/m11 W/m8 W/m6 W/m5 W/m
54mm28 W/m13 W/m9 W/m8 W/m6 W/m

Mineralwool Insulation (0.035W/m K)

Mineralwool Insulation

Pipe Ø5mm Thickness10mm Thickness15mm Thickness20mm Thickness30mm Thickness
6mm7 W/m4 W/m4 W/m3 W/m3 W/m
8mm8 W/m5 W/m4 W/m4 W/m3 W/m
10mm10 W/m6 W/m5 W/m4 W/m3 W/m
15mm13 W/m8 W/m6 W/m5 W/m4 W/m
22mm18 W/m10 W/m8 W/m6 W/m5 W/m
28mm22 W/m12 W/m9 W/m7 W/m6 W/m
35mm26 W/m15 W/m11 W/m9 W/m7 W/m
42mm31 W/m17 W/m12 W/m10 W/m7 W/m
54mm39 W/m21 W/m15 W/m12 W/m9 W/m

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