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Frost Protection Kit Installation Manual

February 13, 2017 Adam

Important Notes

  • The existence of the trace heating cable has to be made evident by on-site warning notices, e.g. in the fuse box. Furthermore they have to be part of the electrical documentation alongside the installation.
  • Please make sure that during normal operation the temperature of the pipes does not exceed more than 60°C.
  • Please avoid sharp edges as well as high drag forces when installing and drawing the heating tapes.
  • Cover the trace heating cable with an aluminium adhesive tape when installing onto plastic pipes and plastic components.
  • You must not go below the minimum bending radius.
  • It is recommended to have the installation done by an electrical qualified person.
  • The installation must be fitted in accordance with the latest local and international regulations and standards.
  • Frost protection for up to 54mm pipes. If your requirements are greater please contact us for a solution.

Installation Steps

Follow our simple step by step instructions to install your frost protection trace heating system.

Frost protection kit install step 1

Step 1

Roll out the trace heating cable, avoiding bending the heating cable beyond the minimum bend radius.

Frost protection kit install step 2

Step 2

Install the trace heating cable (depending on the thickness of the pipe and the required heating power) alongside the pipe - in single or multiple runs, and fix it to the pipe at approximately 300mm intervals using the cable ties provided.

Refer to the recommended installation positions below.

Frost protection kit install step 3

Step 3

For plastic pipe and plastic components the trace heating cable must be wrapped with an aluminium adhesive tape.

Frost protection kit install step 4

Step 4

After installation of the trace heating cable, the pipes must be insulated with a minimum of 20mm lagging (Armaflex/PU Foam/Mineral Wool).

Recommended Installation Positions

Install the trace heating cable in the recommended positions below for single, double and triple runs as required.

Frost protection install cross section

Test Report

Purchase Date
Installation Date
Starting Up Date

Test Protocol

Record the insulation resistances of your installation in the format below.

Before Installation
After Installation
Start Up

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